Data management

Euro-BioImaging Finland is a forerunner in digitalization and data management, and among the first in Euro-BioImaging to establish a dedicated open access facility for image data analysis and management (at Turku BioImaging). Euro-BioImaging Finland actively develops solutions for data management and analysis. Euro-BioImaging Finland data management for both administrative and research data follows the relevant European and Finnish legislations and principles, such as FAIR, GDPR, and the European Commission recommendation 2018/790 on access to and preservation of scientific information.

Euro-BioImaging Finland offers multi-level data management for its users.
At the local level e.g. dedicated OMERO servers and hospital data servers. At the national level, available are data management services of the Finnish IT Center for Science. For international public sharing of data, Euro-BioImaging Finland recommends Euro-BioImaging-endorsed general data services such as BioImage Archive and Image Data Resource.

Euro-BioImaging Finland actively contributes to and follows international recommendations and standards for metadata in image data management.
Euro-BioImaging Finland key personnel are authors in the following papers:

For sensitive data, Euro-BioImaging Finland operations are tightly regulated by European and Finnish legislation, abiding by GDPR, the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity, and the Medical Research Act. Patient-specific information is coded whenever possible. The relevant privacy policies and similar of the hospitals and health care districts apply.

By default,research data produced using Euro-BioImaging Finland services is owned by the user, not Euro-BioImaging Finland. Otherwise can also be agreed, for instance in cases of scientific collaboration.

Euro-BioImaging Finland is closely linked with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). More information: