How to access

Euro-BioImaging Finland services can be accessed by academic and industrial users in Finland and worldwide. Euro-BioImaging users access Euro-BioImaging Finland services through the Euro-BioImaging Web Portal. Euro-BioImaging access workflow consists of four steps: 1) initial consultation and access request, 2) scientific and technical evaluations, 3) service provision, and 4) project completion, data sharing, and feedback. The well-established process is used for all Euro-Bioimaging Nodes, and it retails confidentiality also for industrial users. Local users can access Euro-BioImaging Finland facilities also directly, by contacting the Node staff. Many of the Euro-Bioimaging Finland services can be accessed remotely. User fees are involved in using Euro-BioImaging Finland services, and they are based on cost recovery models of the host organizations.

User fees can be found on the web pages of Euro-BioImaging Finland imaging facilities. User access can be also covered by available grants and funding. More information about possible funding opportunities at Euro-BioImaging: