There are a large number of benefits that Euro-BioImaging offers, some of which are listed below.

Successful Euro-BioImaging application strengthens potential funding proposals. In the eyes of funding agencies, being part of the official European-wide research infrastructure that is Euro-BioImaging ERIC provides a significant boost to a potential funding proposal.

Imaging technologies offered by Euro-BioImaging underwent proof-of-concept studies firmly establishing offered technologies as viable tools for biological and biomedical imaging.

Euro-BioImaging has a massive network of imaging and microscopy specialists and researchers in 9 participating countries including Finland and 21 geographically-distributed Nodes including the Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node offering instrument user training and expertise in site-specific technologies as well as wide expertise in topics such as sample preparation, image acquisition, and bioimage informatics.
Becoming a Euro-BioImaging user offers international experience and possibility to expand professional network.

Euro-BioImaging Users Testimonials

“The visit to the Euro-Bioimaging Finnish Node changed the direction of my research in a positive way: I was able to observe the behaviour of my protein of interest in really high resolution using super-resolution microscopy. The staff were always ready to help and guide me to get the best out of my visit. I highly recommend a visit to the Finnish Node!”
Paulina Moreno Layseca Ph.D.
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany.
“The cell imaging core facility at Turku University is very well managed with dedicated professional people. The instruments are of high quality and are very well maintained. I was very pleased to be here and I am satisfied by the experience of coming here for a few days and having the imaging done perfectly.” – Jean-Claude Twizere Ph.D. – University of Liège, Belgium.
Jean-Claude Twizere Ph.D.
University of Liège, France.

Global BioImaging Job Shadowing Participants Testimonials​

“I wanted to experience how the Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node conducts the training, the support that staff gives to their users, and learn about the equipment that they have to expand my knowledge and establish a network of staff and researchers. Finnish Node offers very high quality of microscopy, expertise, and technologies.”
Neftali Flores-University of Sydney, Australia.
Neftali FloreUniversity of Sydney, Australia.