Announcement: BioImage Analysis Course in Helsinki

BioImage analysis course covering a wide spectrum of image analysis methods including co-localization, cell counting, and deconvolution and hands-on workshops in software such as Fiji, Cell Profiler, SVI Huygens, Imaris and Zen will take place on 11-19 May 2020 in Helsinki.

Dates: 11-19 May 2020

Where: Biomedicum, Helsinki, Finland

For more information and to apply here:

Application deadline: 6 April 2020

Hands-on Work­shops

12th – 19th May 2020 

Mix and Match! Apply for the workshops you like and we will send you your individual shedule.
If you are a beginner to image analysis we would highly recommend that you attend the lectures as well.

Get your hands on different tools for image analysis. All software introduced during the workshops is either open-source software or commercial software that is available to you at the BIU image analysis workstations.

SVI Huygens (half-day):
Deconvolution with Huygens. Learn how to apply the correct restoration and analysis tools for obtaining reliable and quantifiable results from your images.

Imaris basic (half-day):
General purpose 3D microscopy visualization and data analysis with Imaris for beginners.
Learn how to import and handle your files, how to visualize your data and  generate videos and how to detect surface spots.

Imaris advanced (whole day):
3D microscopy data analysis with Imaris for advanced Imaris users. Stitching of tiles, 3D time series, neurons, batch processing, statistic visualization and more. Exact topics will be adapted depending on the participants needs.

Fiji (half-day):
Get started with Fiji and learn how to handle and process your files, how to count and characterize cells and how to make your analysis faster and more reproducible with macro recording.

CellProfiler (half-day):
Automate your image analysis with CellProfiler. Learn how to build and run image analysis pipelines for quantitative analysis of biological images. If you are doing high-throughput experiments, Cellprofiler is a particular useful tool for you.

ZEN/APEER (half-day):
Are you taking your images with ZEISS microscopes? Here you learn how to process and analyze them directly in ZEN. If you want to get help with analyzing your own data, you can send them before the workshop. In addition, there will be a short introduction to APEER.

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