How to Apply


The services provided by the Finnish Node in Helsinki, Turku, and Oulu are open to all academic and industrial users.

Members of other universities and institutes in Finland are welcome to contact the Finnish Node to inquire about using technologies and services offered by the Finnish Node.

International researchers who wish to use one or more imaging technologies and services offered by the Finnish Node are welcome to do so by contacting the Finnish Node to discuss the project’s needs and practicalities.


  1. Contact the Finnish Node manager to discuss the required imaging technologies, project goals, and practicalities of the visit.
  2. Following the discussion with the Finnish Node manager, apply for technology access by completing a Euro-BioImaging application that can be accessed here.
  3. Submit Euro-BioImaging application. Note that the Euro-BioImaging application must be completed in one go as it cannot be saved and returned to later. However, you can familiarize yourself with the application prior to filling in by viewing it here.
  4. Submitted application will first undergo a review by external reviewers and then a review by the Finnish Node manager.
  5. Following the successful application, the Euro-BioImaging user visits the Node partner site selected based on the required technology and conducts imaging experiments.

For more information about Euro-BioImaging application procedure, please visit description of the Euro-BioImaging application procedure found here.

Please note that there are user fees involved in using imaging technologies at the Finnish Node. These can be found on web pages of imaging core facilities.


There are a large number of benefits that Euro-BioImaging offers, some of which are listed below.

  1. Successful Euro-BioImaging application strengthens potential funding acquisition. In the eyes of funding bodies, being part of international and European-wide infrastructure provides a boost to the application.
  2. Imaging technologies offered by Euro-BioImaging underwent proof-of-concept studies firmly establishing offered technologies as viable tools for biological and biomedical imaging.
  3. Euro-BioImaging has a massive network of imaging and microscopy specialists and researchers in 11 participating countries including Finland and 29 geographically-distributed Nodes including the Finnish Node offering instrument user training and expertise in site-specific technologies as well as expertise in topics such as sample preparation, image acquisition, image analysis, and data management.

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