The Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node is now offering Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) microscopy​

CARS microscopy is one of the label-free multiphoton imaging techniques. It allows for chemically specific imaging of biological materials without use of fluorescent labels. CARS has been proven useful in some very specific application fields. The CARS technique is particularly well suited for high-resolution label-free imaging of lipids due to the high concentration of carbon-hydrogen bonds in the lipid material. Lipid imaging has been applied to a great variety of samples including lipid droplets in fixed and live cell cultures, various tissue sections, and even small animals in vivo (e.g. zebrafish).

In pharmaceutical applications, CARS microscopy is gaining more and more interest. Applications include visualization of chemical component distribution in dosage forms and drug carriers, dissolution and release, solid-state transformations during dissolution, and drug delivery into cells and tissues.

You can apply to use CARS microscopy at Euro-BioImaging Web Portal.