Finnish Node presents virtual microscopy at Euro-BioImaging weekly meeting

Remote access allows researchers to access instruments and analysis workstations remotely, for example, from the confines of their homes. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic, namely the temporary closure of core facilities in most of the countries or significant reduction in their activities, have accelerated the development of remote access services also at the Finnish Node.

An example of remote access service being developed by the Finnish Node is virtual microscopy. It consists of an operator, generally a staff member of a core facility or an experienced researcher, acquiring image data using a microscope. A remote user joins via video call to guide an operator to image particular regions of interests.

The Finnish Node presented its developments in the field of virtual microscopy at Euro-BioImaging weekly meeting on 8 May 2020. You can check a demonstration of a virtual microscopy in a short video below.
A short video segment taken from 1-hour imaging session where two remote users joined the imaging session.

For more information about the virtual microscopy, you are welcome to read this article posted on Euro-BioImaging.