14 July 2020. New technology is offered by the Finnish Node – label-free CARS microscopy

The Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node is now offering Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) microscopy. CARS microscopy is one of the label-free multiphoton imaging techniques. It allows for chemically specific ...
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8 June 2020. Finnish Node chaired a remote access session in 2nd Euro-BioImaging Nodes meeting

2nd Euro-BioImaging Nodes meeting took place on 8 June 2020 with participants from Euro-BioImaging Nodes attending presentations and participating in discussions. This meeting took place virtually due to ongoing COVID-19 ...
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5 June 2020. Remote 3D Electron Microscopy and CLEM projects at the Finnish Node

At the Finnish Node, remote access services include remote access to microscopes and image analysis workstations, virtual microscopy where a remote user joins an operator via video call, and a ...
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8 May 2020. Finnish Node presents virtual microscopy at Euro-BioImaging weekly meeting

Remote access allows researchers to access instruments and analysis workstations remotely, for example, from the confines of their homes. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic, namely the temporary closure of core ...
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15 April 2020. NordForsk funding granted to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland

NordForsk (www.nordforsk.org), an organization that facilitates research cooperation and infrastructure development in Nordic countries, has granted Bridging Nordic Microscopy Infrastructure a total of 2.5 Million NOK for 3 years. The ...
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Announcement: BioImage Analysis Course in Helsinki

BioImage analysis course covering a wide spectrum of image analysis methods including co-localization, cell counting, and deconvolution and hands-on workshops in software such as Fiji, Cell Profiler, SVI Huygens, Imaris ...
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Announcement: Introduction to Machine Learning for Microscopy workshop in Turku

A one and a half day workshop covering introduction to machine learning will take place on 4-5 May in Turku, Finland. Date: 4-5 May 2020 Where: Turku, Finland Please apply ...
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Announcement: Special Symposium on Advanced Imaging Technologies in Helsinki

A 3-day symposium covering advanced imaging technologies and methods in life sciences will take place in Helsinki, Finland during 4-6 March 2020. Dates: 04.03.2020 (pre-symposium workshop for Ph.D. students), 05.03.2020 ...
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28 January 2020. Philip Hockberger, Associate Vice President of Research at Northwestern University visits Turku Bioscience

Philip Hockberger, Associate Vice President of Research at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA has visited Turku Bioscience research center in Turku. Philip Hockberger delivers a talk focused on careers in ...
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