Finnish Euro-BioImaging New Website is Launched

The new website for the Finnish Euro-BioImaging Node has been launched!

Here you can read about the OPEN-ACCESS imaging technologies that are available at the Finnish Node as well as additional services that are available to users.

Any academic and industrial users from Finland and abroad can use the services of the Finnish Node. We provide OPEN-ACCESS service. Contact us to discuss practicalities of your project.

In addition, you can read about the partners of the Finnish Node: Helsinki BioImaging, Turku BioImaging, and Oulu BioImaging, and their unique imaging expertise including a vast array of electron microscopy (EM) methods, CLEM (correlative light and electron microscopy), super-resolution imaging including STED (stimulated emission depletion microscopy) and STORM (stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy), and mesoscopic imaging including light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) and optical projection tomography (OPT).

Stay tuned for more updates from the Finnish Euro-BioImaging Node.

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