Hybrid PET Basics course in April

Hybrid PET Basics course in April

Turku PET Centre will organise the popular PET Basics course in April 4-6, 2022 as a hybrid course. The course is free of charge and worth of 2 ECTS for MSc and PhD degree, and targeted to physicians, scientists, PhD students, and all interested in PET.

PET Basics course aims to provide students with a broad and general introduction to PET imaging. After the course students will have basic knowledge of the PET imaging field covering physics, radiochemistry, and data analysis, research and clinical applications.

Please register latest March 21, 2022 to Lenita Saloranta (lenita.saloranta@utu.fi).

Further information: Prof. Anne Roivainen (anne.roivainen@utu.fi)



Monday 4.4.2022
Risto Lahesmaa Lecture Hall of T Hospital, (Building 18, 1st floor)
9.00–9.15 Anne Roivainen: Introduction of PET and Turku PET Centre
9.15–9.45 Mika Teräs: Radiation physics and safety
9.45–10.15 Mika Teräs: PET instrumentation
10.15–10.30 Break
10.30–11.00 Olof Solin: Introduction to radiopharmaceutical chemistry
11.00–11.30 Olof Solin: Production of PET radionuclides
11.30–12.30 Break
12.30–13.00 Semi Helin: Carbon-11 and oxygen-15 radiochemistry
13.00–13.30 Anu Airaksinen: Fluorine-18 radiochemistry
13.30–14.00 Xiang-Guo Li: Radiochemistry of radiometals: 68Ga, 64Cu and 89Zr
14.00–14.15 Break
14.15–14.45 Timo Kurittu: Radiopharmacy and GMP guidelines for PET
14.45–15.15 Riku Klen: Image acquisition and reconstruction
15.15–17.00 Visit to cyclotron and radiochemistry laboratory, and PET scanners and clinical chemistry laboratory PET Centre (building 14)

Tuesday 5.4.2022
Risto Lahesmaa Lecture Hall of T Hospital, (Building 18, 1st floor)
9.00–9.30 Sergey Nesterov: Information technologies and image analysis in PET
9.30–10.00 Richard Aarnio: Radiometabolism of PET tracers
10.00–10.15 Break
10.15–11.15 Marco Bucci: Quantification of PET
11.15–12.15 Break
12.15–12.45 Marcus Sucksdorff: Imaging of neuroinflammation with PET
12.45–13.15 Lauri Nummenmaa: Statistical analysis of brain-PET data
13.15–13.45 Kirsi Virtanen: Brown adipose tissue imaging in humans
13.45–14.00 Break
14.00–14.30 Pirjo Nuutila: Quantitative PET imaging of metabolic diseases
14.30–15.00 Jukka Kemppainen: PET in cancer diagnosis and therapy
15.00–15.30 Marko Seppänen: PET in the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors
15.30–17.00 Visit to preclinical laboratories, BioCity, Tykistökatu 6

Wednesday 6.4.2022
Risto Lahesmaa Lecture Hall of T Hospital, (Building 18, 1st floor)
9.00–9.30 Francisco Lopez-Picon: Small animal imaging and pre-clinical evaluation of PET tracers
9.30–10.00 Xiang-Guo Li: Development process of PET radiopharmaceuticals
10.00–10.15 Break
10.15–10.45 Jussi Hirvonen: Neurotransmitter systems studied with PET
10.45–11.15 Juha Rinne: PET in clinical neurology
11.15–12.15 Break
12.15–12.45 Juhani Knuuti: PET in clinical cardiology
12.45–13.15 Antti Saraste: Preclinical cardiovascular research
13.15–13.30 Break
13.30–14.00 Heikki Minn: Oncological research
14.00–14.30 Jukka Kemppainen: PET imaging of infection/inflammation
14.30–15.00 Anne Roivainen: Preclinical inflammation research
15.00–15.15 Anne Roivainen: Closing words