The Helsinki In Vivo Animal Imaging Platform (HAIP) and Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine at the University of Helsinki are organizing the third annual In Vivo Animal Imaging: Methods and Applications minisymposium and course on December 13 2021 – January 17 2022. The aim of this event is to open up the field of in vivo animal imaging and its use in pre-clinical research applications especially for graduate students and other researchers who might benefit from using in vivo animal imaging for their own studies. The symposium is organized as a small series of webinars in Zoom that are open to all, and the course will include live small-group instrument demos and a study assignment for students. The course is free of charge and it will cover the principles of in vivo animal imaging modalities including intravital microscopy, optical small animal imaging, microCT and PET/SPECT/CT, as well as examples of in…

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Euro-BioImaging is pleased to announce our first open call for user projects! Send in a proposal between October 20 and December 15, 2021 to carry out a biological or biomedical imaging project at one of our 33 Nodes, and receive up to 5000 Euros to cover access, consumables, travel and accommodation costs. How it works: Have an idea for a biological or biomedical imaging project? Submit your project proposal through the Euro-BioImaging web portal between October 20 and December 15, 2021, and indicate that you want to apply for the Euro-BioImaging Access Fund in order to be considered for a grant of up to 5000 Euros to access the imaging services at a Euro-BioImaging Node. Successful applicants will be notified by late January 2022 and successful projects should be started before July 2022. What the funding covers: The Euro-BioImaging Access Fund covers the user’s travel and accommodation costs as well as access and…

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The first of the virtual FiBI Seminar Series will be held on the 5th November 2021 at 14:00 EET. This will be a regular seminar series which will host talks on in vivo imaging related topics with the aim of fostering engaging scientific discussions around recent biomedical and medical discoveries. The first seminar will be hosted by the NEUROIMAGING consortium and it will be on: “MEG for visual neuroscience” by Dr. Linda Henriksson (Aalto University, Finland) The seminar will involve scientific presentation from guest speaker (30 min) followed by discussions (15 min). The seminar is free of charge and open for everyone. If you are interested in attending, just join the seminar on Zoom using the link:


Check out the video of the MEG services of the Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node, currently the only Euro-BioImaging Node offering this technology! Learn more about MEG and its applications in this article featuring Dr. Veikko Jousmäki, Head of Aalto NeuroImaging, part of the FiBI Node, published on the Euro-BioImaging website:–key-imaging-technology-for-understanding-neuronal-processing-directly-in-a-non-invasive-fashion/

On June 9th, the Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node organized a virtual Grand Opening Seminar to introduce its people, operations, and facilities to the imaging community. The seminar was open to the public and attracted about 70 imaging enthusiasts to participate. The event started with an opening presentation by Professor John Eriksson, Director General of Euro-BioImaging, in which he provided delightful insight into Euro-BioImaging infrastructure and its major benefits to life-science researchers. It was followed by a virtual tour in the four Node sites where the multifaceted in vivo imaging opportunities and various applications were vividly introduced by the facility heads. The event culminated with a panel discussion where the Finnish key in vivo imaging experts, Professor Juhani Knuuti (Turku PET Centre; University of Turku), Professor Riitta Salmelin (Aalto NeuroImaging; Aalto University), Professor Olli Gröhn (Kuopio Biomedical Imaging Unit; University of Eastern Finland), and Associate Professor Pipsa Saharinen (Helsinki In vivo…

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Next Virtual Pub will be held on Friday, May 14th at 14:00 Finnish time. On this Friday, we welcome: Gaby G. Martins, Facility head, Advanced Imaging Unit, Gulbenkian de Ciência, on “An Introduction to Portuguese Platform on BioImaging” Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to share it with colleagues and community.Don’t miss out on this exciting talk! Join via internet: If you would like to present at the Virtual Pub, we are open to suggestions! Please let us know at

Positron emission tomography (PET) is non-invasive and quantitative imaging modality which is used to visualize and measure rates of biochemical processes in living subjects. PET Basics course offers a broad overview to PET imaging and introduces participants to interdisciplinary nature of PET research. After the course one should have basic knowledge of the PET imaging field of its physics, radiochemistry, and data analysis, and research and clinical applications. Full program and more information here. Registration by March 22, 2021, to Lenita Saloranta PET BASICS Dates: 6.–8.4.2021 Place: Zoom Organiser: Turku PET Centre Target attendees: Physicians, scientists, PhD students, all interested in PET Course is free of charge and worth of 2.0 credits for MSc and PhD degree.